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Bridal Shower Chocolate Molds

  The bridal shower chocolate molds had been around for many years from the time that chocolate stopped to be just drinking chocolate, to be eating chocolate with the discovery of the tempering and conching process. Bite sized piece with large blocks of the chocolate are being molded in small forms and chocolate molds look

Stained Stairs Painted Risers

Regardless of how you wish to paint the stairs, you are going to have materials and tools, regardless of how you have decided painting the stairs. You need to have the sander so that you can remove the coating on the stairs and so that the paint may adhere very well.  To start with a

Painted Stair Treads and Risers

The painted stair treads and risers can change how your room looks drastically because of the changed colors. The coat of the paint is going to change the plain wooden stairs in interesting and focal point at your home.  Even if there are many ways that you can paint the risers or treads, the best

Painted Risers Hardwood Stairs

Painting the dark color in the glossy finish, it can hide the scuff marks in the best way. To know how the stairs will come out, you should cut a cardboard piece in order to make the sizes of risers and paint them and put them at the steps to see their effects. If you

How to Paint Stair Risers White

The houses that have wood stairs look formal. When you know how to paint stair risers white, you will give the stairs an informal look such as cottage or country look of stairs. This is going to fit better depending on the décor you have in your home.  When the wood has a medium tone